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Who we are-

We are not a young company or a start up firm created during the multi-family building frenzy in the last few years.  Keaton Interiors is an established full-service interior design firm focused on multi-family for over 30 years, with multiple long-term clients.  Keaton Interiors has designed, developed and completed hundreds of projects ranging from luxury to attainable to renovations located coast to coast.  Dallas based - with licensing in 6 states. 


What makes us stand out-


Keaton Interiors collaborates closely with the client to develop the personality of the project.  Whether that be timeless or unique, our firm recognizes the client's requirements, current market trends, and technology.  We understand all aspects of a project from the conceptual design through construction documents and the importance of working with consultants and the construction team.  We adjust the design as project changes arise, whether in the field or client driven.  


Why Keaton Interiors-


It's the knowledge that comes with experience and years of sweat equity.  It's the willingness to design within a budget and evolve as required.  It's the understanding that it takes a team to complete a project.  It's the drive and passion until we hand you the keys. 


Keaton Interiors - woman owned business with unparalleled experience.  

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