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Keaton Interiors is comprised of 17 interior designers working throughout the country. Our philosophy

is simple: We design for the current market 

while considering our clients' future needs. The specific style and aesthetic for each project is based on location, the type of project and the client's requirements. We pride ourselves on creating a custom, unique project for each of our Keaton Interiors clients. Each project evolves into its own identity as a result of the intensive research we conduct during preliminary design phase. We always make an effort to incorporate the local geographical flavor into each project through use of relevant materials, and sourcing from local artisans.

Keaton Interiors has earned multiple industry Design Awards, and has been fortunate to work alongside some of the most renowned commercial architectural firms and developers in the state. We are most honored by our clients continually requesting Keaton Interiors for their design team.

Keaton Interiors employs a team of 17 interior designers and support staff to ensure every clients experiences the turn-key service they deserve. 

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